CODALLEH graduates provide significant benefits for the high-tech industry: 

  • Training that is tailored to fit the needs of the industry
    The program was built based on the knowledge of experts from the industry itself, and knowledge gained from extensive experience in training ultra-Orthodox women. The program is highly focused: fewer languages - more depth, much more practice, along with building vital professional skills that are widely and regularly used at actual workplaces. We are working on expanding the program in order to reach a level equivalent to and studies in the fields of industry that we are targeting.
  • Completion of the missing link in high-tech
    Recruitment statistics indicate a shortage of workers for positions that combine low-level development and implementation or integration of algorithms, which are about 20% of all high-tech jobs; our graduates are trained to work in these software development areas.
  • Handpicking students who have an apparent affinity to the field
    Students are selected based on their academic excellence, their natural inclination to the field, and the teaching staff's recommendations as having the required skills to successfully complete the entire program.
  • A chance to work with the best
    The amount of ultra-Orthodox women working in high-tech has grown by 2.5 times in the last decade. According to the Ultra-Orthodox Institute for Policy Studies, between 2010 and 2016 the rate of ultra-Orthodox women in high-tech climbed from 2.5% to 6.3%, almost amounting to the overall rate of women [which stands at 7.1%]. Ultra-Orthodox women are expected to become a natural part of the Israeli high-tech landscape. The CODALLEH program is a large leap in graduate readiness for the current high-tech challenges and the form of work needed to succeed in this field.
  • Skills that are far beyond programming languages
    The CODALLEH program's training includes the great benefit of imparting skills that complement the professional knowledge and make it applicable in the field, such as fluent mastery of English, practical experience with Open-Source projects, Agile development approaches, and more. This is in addition to the high work ethic that characterizes the ultra-Orthodox graduates naturally.
  • Government incentives
    The government offers a large grant for high-tech companies that integrate ultra-Orthodox women into junior positions, which can reach up to 30% of salaries.

R&D Leaders who recognize our graduates' potential

The program was built and tailored to fit the industry’s needs with help from many tech leaders and in light of vast experience with integrating ultra-Orthodox women into key high-tech positions.
Hagy Ketashvily
Hagy Ketashvily
Over 24 years experience in key positions in leading hi-tech segments mainly in Research & Development Management
VP R&D at BriefCam
Alexander Sokolovsky
Alexander Sokolovsky
R&D leader and algorithm developer in Computer Vision, Image Processing and related fields.
Senior R&D specialist - Elbit
Boris Levant
Boris Levant
PhD Applied Mathematics in Weizmann Institute of Science
Algorithms manager, Deep learning at Applied Materials
Yirmeyahu (Jeremy) Kaminski
Yirmeyahu (Jeremy) Kaminski
Ph.D. at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Computer Vision.
Department of Mathematics at HIT - Holon Institute of Technology

We invite you to join the pioneering companies that are already making their first steps in the new job placement arena and open their doors to brilliant ultra-Orthodox graduates for advanced development positions. 


Codalleh in numbers:

  • 5
    Essential programming languages
  • 116
    Professional and practical skills
  • 720
    Academic hours
  • 80%
    Placement is expected for graduates of the program